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The flavors of analytics

In a market that is constantly changing, it is necessary for companies and organizations to make timely decisions to improve and achieve their objectives....

Myths of Big Data: know how to defeat them

It is increasingly common to hear about Big Data. Everyone has an opinion about it and a definition about it. Big Data is related...

Analytics in the health sector: the ideal combination

Nowadays the world moves by the data. Analytics has been used by different organizations in the world to transform processes. The Health sector is...

Social media analytics for tourism?

Do you have a profile on social networks? Think about what you do when you go on a trip, know a place or stay...

How to prevent fraud in insurance companies?

Fraudulent charges are a problem that afflicts insurers around the world. The events associated with fraud generate millions in losses in insurers; this cost...

Drive your strategies with the power of analytics

Business world constantly faces changes; either by new processes, customer demands or regulations. Therefore, companies seek better ways of working to be more efficient...

Analytics: The key to Telcos transformation

Every day telecoms operators face a challenge: to enamour their customers. 60% of customers are dissatisfied with the service, do not have as much...

How to attract your customers? The key is in the data

Daily a person receives hundreds of messages from different brands that invite them to buy their products or acquire their services. The challenge is...

Extreme Networks Acquires Avaya Network Business

The company has been the winner in the process of bidding for the assets of this business unit, which has acquired for 100 million...
AT&T inaugurates a Business Experience Center in Mexico

AT&T inaugurates a Business Experience Center in Mexico

It is the first innovation center of the company in Latin America and presents the latest in IoT, cybersecurity and SDN. On May 31,...


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