It is increasingly common to hear about Big Data. Everyone has an opinion about it and a definition about it. Big Data is related to the management and analysis of large volumes of data that cannot be processed with traditional tools. This concept includes infrastructures, technologies and services created especially to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Although many talk about it, few really have clarity about what it means to enter their world. That is why the invitation is to break the myths that circulate and that, many times, prevent the use of their value.

1. Implementing it brings problems

Implementing Big Data needs to give an additional effort, but it does not bring problems but an opportunity to succeed in the current context of the market. What can generate challenges is the poor quality of some data, because the results depend on the good quality of it. So some errors in some data can affect the reliability of the results.

2. If I implement it, my marketing will improve immediately

The data alone does not generate changes. What is certain is that they allow you to have a broader and key vision that will guide you when it comes to improving your strategies. Remember: Big Data is a medium, you indicate the way.

3. Anyone can use it

Although there are more and more friendly tools, it is essential to have the knowledge to extract the maximum value. According to an EMC study, for 32% of organizations, the biggest obstacle to the adoption of Big Data is the lack of personnel with adequate training. However, an analyst or a data scientist is not enough; it is important to also have people who have knowledge of the business to understand what information will be valuable. Therefore, build a qualified team or with the relevant training to take advantage of your information.

4. It’s something new

It is not something new, in fact, the first Big Data project was developed in 1937 in the United States, had 29 million records and sought to analyze the registry of social security contributions of citizens, employers and partners.

5. It is only for large companies

This is one of the biggest obstacles when undertaking a project with Big Data. Although it is true that large companies have more resources to invest in platforms or have more personnel that can be dedicated exclusively to the extraction of information, small companies can take advantage of the data that comes from social media platforms, texts, documents, among others.


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