Do you have a profile on social networks? Think about what you do when you go on a trip, know a place or stay in a new hotel. Generally, you are looking to share your travel experience with your followers and contacts in social media. Now think of your customers, do they do the same?

The vast majority of modern consumers are sharing their experiences in social networks, so doing an analysis of their tastes, actions and comments is important for companies in the tourism sector. By delving into these details, they can get a better view of their customers.

Discover two benefits of analyzing social media data in tourism:

1. Improve marketing:

The demographic groups of a brand can change according to the social network. By identifying the characteristics of each customer segment you can develop email campaigns highlighting features that are more attractive to each customer.

For example, the tour operator The Roman Guy used social media analytics to discover that its Twitter audience was mainly dedicated to media, companies and blogs, while its Facebook page reached potential and previous customers, according to Global Traveler. The tour operator used Twitter for business-to-business communications and Facebook publications to excite consumers with their offers.

2. Identify new business opportunities:

Analyzing conversations on social networks can help travel providers identify new markets and growth opportunities. For example, the consulting firm Crimson Hexagon found between August 2014 and March 2015, a significant number of comments about low-cost airlines. When analyzing the data in detail, they found that 54 percent of the related tweets came from people aged 18 to 34, of this group the majority were women. In this way, if a low-cost airline would like to reach a new market, it could be directed to people with these characteristics, through relevant announcements or marketing campaigns.

The opportunities offered by social media go beyond reading and responding to comments. Take advantage of analytics to get the most out of these media.


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