Daily a person receives hundreds of messages from different brands that invite them to buy their products or acquire their services. The challenge is to fall in love with them to achieve their loyalty. That is why customizing customer experiences is no longer an option for retailers. Now, brands must meet customers’ expectations and needs to attract them, build loyalty, and increase profits.

When a customer needs or wants to buy a product, they can search for offers, evaluate features, compare prices and read reviews. Therefore, it is important to accompany each step of the purchase and adapt the strategies in a unique way to the needs of customers. What is the way to stand out in the market and to love more customers? The answer is to take advantage of the data that is generated in multiple sources, channels and moments.

Direct Offers

The strategy of the past was to convey messages to large audiences, but this did not necessarily fit individual needs. When a special offer is targeted at a broad demographic, it is likely to be overlooked. That is why brands now have the challenge of personalizing experiences.

To customize experiences requires the analysis of alternative sources such as transactions or unstructured sources, such as social networks. This is the basic input to deliver the relevant articles at times when the customer wants them. The challenge is to collect and analyse data flows to transform them into valuable information.

Digital channel flows

The proliferation of digital channels and their associated data carry on with great challenges in data analysis. However, analytics of social networks can provide support to organizations a competitive advantage. These channels allow you to predict the next action for each customer and obtain valuable information such as what supply might interest them, how they like to receive information or what segments to focus on.

The best decisions can be made when you take advantage of a wide range of data.


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