Every day telecoms operators face a challenge: to enamour their customers. 60% of customers are dissatisfied with the service, do not have as much participation in the portfolio or are at greater risk of leaving with the competition.

The key to narrowing this gap is in customer-focused strategies. In recent years, telecommunications companies have taken initiatives such as offering discounts, using network advertising or being more persuasive in call centres. However, they have not yet been able to improve their loyalty, reduce abandonment or increase incomes.

The key to achieving this goal is the analysis of all customer data, both internal and external. Transformation of operations is possible when taking data from social networks, customer service departments, marketing and technologies. In each of these areas of a company, data is generated to understand the behaviour and preferences of customers to meet their current and future needs.

Know what information you can take advantage of in each area:

Customer Service

As complaints, complaints or comments are analysed, problems can be identified and solved to enamour clients. Some key questions to find such data are what applications do customers use and how often? How is the subscriber experience of the network in several places? What experiences do you share on social networks and other digital channels?


Marketing teams can create very specific and personalized offers when they understand the subscriber’s use of various services and define their main characteristics. A marketing team for Asia Pacific analysed this information and achieved a 400% increase in acceptance of the campaign to convert prepaid subscribers to post-paid accounts.

Technical Support

When analysing information such as what the customer was doing when they had a problem with the network services, frequency of speed reduction or call quality in the subscriber experience, network problems can be identified and resolved that affect quality of the subscriber’s experience while avoiding unnecessary investments.

The best decisions are possible when taken from the data to optimize processes and improve the customer experience in telecommunications.


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