If there is something that is happening in many companies for years it is a good CRM and, each time, they are seeing more and more light developers of this kind of software that do not help in day one day with management, data monitoring And information that is present in our company.

CRM is software that helps us manage our relationships with our customers in the day and the day, although we do not believe it, they have been around for years. These are the relationships in all possible channels and departments: from marketing and sales, to technical support and customer service. That is why; today we are going to teach you what you consider the seven CRMs that we like the most:


This CRM allows you to get the most out of the most communicative part of the software with Chatter, the “social network” of such software. Everything that can be done with the corporate data necessary to carry out such management from any device. In this way, all teams are perfectly coordinated with their tasks.

In addition, it offers the possibility that the reports that do not arrive on the different events are 100% customizable, as well as the fact of being able to keep a total follow-up of each event and task on our accounts or contacts.

As an advantage to emphasize that this software is one of the most trusted to be one of the most popular and extended which, in addition, can be integrated with other software. It has many customizable options. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the dimensions of your company, so it is highly recommended. It has to say that it has other tools like “ideas” and “puzzles” that even more attractive, especially if you are oriented to the sales processes for B2B companies. In addition, the recent acquisition of “radian6” includes improvements in monitoring for the management of customer service. As against, say quite expensive and complicated to use for small businesses.


This CRM puts at your disposal a lot of tools that will help you complete all the tasks that you have to perform in your day to day. Virtually everything is configurable, from the integration of the actions to carry out until the automatic registrations of the calls to fill the customizable fields. This is a great advantage as well as being updated with great frequency. In addition, you can make calls directly within your system.

Perhaps the most problematic of Base is that it is quite complicated to import the information we need in our daily work. It can be difficult to get accustomed to your contact information fields.


Every day the business world is more mobile and more social, so your business needs to move quickly when, for example, sharing information of any kind, to achieve success in achieving your goals. You need to be connected to your customers in the best possible way, and the integration of the most social media aspect of Dynamics in this process is very attractive.

The fact that Dynamics is in this list is because it allows your marketing and sales to be shaped in the best possible way in the services to our customers. The tools that we will use with this CRM are extremely professional, so you will quickly notice that you are using a very powerful software that offers many possibilities.

As a main advantage, note that there are many ways to implement this software. In addition, for a better experience, it is updated very frequently. As a drawback, to say that like Salesforce, it is quite expensive; and it requires lots of time to learn how to use it properly. To give us an idea, the most advanced options and functions require programming knowledge.


This CRM is the most customizable, in addition to systems such as Call Centers and ERP can be integrated. Easily share customer data throughout the enterprise, reducing data entry time, managing campaigns, contacts, tasks or notes to and from Salesnet. This we can do it in real time or in the intervals of time, that best suits our needs. As a main drawback, stress that it does not offer Social CRM tools and is quite expensive.

As an advantage to emphasize is that, there are many tutorials to learn how to use it correctly and the whole team can easily use that. In addition, the staff that has developed and maintains this CRM is very productive and attentive in case you have doubts.


Netsuite gives you a detailed 360-degree view of your customers, as well as being the only CRM on-demand to do this. It offers a great service and in this sense get it to help us to close more offers, since all the data of our customers are very accessible for all the equipment of our company that needs it.

This CRM excels at managing customer relationships. Your team can view all transactions and customer interactions, cross-sell automatically and increase sales to existing customers, as well as know what they buy, need and / or want.

On the other hand, you will be able to see the pending orders easily, service problems or invoices that have expired; having at all times a very complete vision of the client. One of the best advantages that Netsuite offers is that with it you will be able to create high quality reports, in addition to which Netsuite will automate as much as possible the most tedious and simple tasks. However, it is complicated to handle.


If what you need is an alternative that allows you to track your potential customers to points of sale and beyond, this is the tool you were looking for. In addition, AllProWebTools, is one of the most economically affordable, also counting on countless useful training videos.

On the other hand, it integrates with other tools and with its website; including marketing reports and allowing your sales team to call directly through the system. The configuration is simple and has technical assistance if needed. As opposed to emphasize that this system does not integrate directly with QuickBooks.


This CRM is perhaps one of the most complete that perfectly automate your actions of marketing, sales and processes related to customer services, with web tools of a very professional nature. Sugar is a program with lots of features that will make you get enviable insights for your business.

Unlike other CRMs that are in the market, Sugar is presented as an ideal alternative for startups, since from the beginning you learn to use with ease. The interface is very intuitive and that will save a lot of time. In addition, it is relatively affordable and offers excellent technical support if you have doubts.

As against saying that you do not have as many functionalities and features as described above. You will need to implement it with other software often. In addition, occasionally you have technical problems and on weekends does not always work properly.


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