The facility, located in Clondalkin, has received an investment of 150 million euros.Β Google has opened a new data center in Ireland, the second in the country, to host information from company operations in EMEA. Google data center is located at west of Dublin in Profile Park, Clondalkin, this facility has received an investment of 150 million euros (about 168 million dollars) plans to employ 30 full-time workers.

Construction work data center began last year. At that time, the chief operating officer of Google Ireland, Ronan Harris said: “Ireland is a fantastic place locate and do business. Whenever we wanted to expand and grow, we have been able to find the talent and the infrastructure we needed”.

Google continues to strongly promote art, this time, even the walls of their extraordinary data centers. The Mural Project titled Google data center a new project of the company in which great artists print their creations, in the form of murals on the facades of Google data centers.

The idea is to draw attention to the computing structure that allows us to search, consume and share content on the web, especially because they are not few users are not even aware of their existence, let alone its relevance in modern life. Of course, not only it is included in the physical structure of the data center but also the team that keeps it running, which allows much of the global network to remain standing.

Says the vice president of Google Data Center, you want to take the outside “magic” that is cooked inside its facilities, particularly in the United States and Belgium are the first to have a dedicated page within the project website where photographs and videos of the story behind the creation of each mural including inspiration and details of their responsible artist stand out.

The data center in Ireland is one of the next of which is announced that will have a huge, colourful mural but of course, there is already a promotional video about the project.

Ireland has become a choice for many operators of data center location. Among them, Apple has announced its intention to build a data center in Galway 950 million. Microsoft also made recently announced plans to build four data centers in Ireland.


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