The latest technological trends, such as the Internet of Things, promise to change many personal and professional lives, but the benefits that also contribute to a certain level of cybersecurity risk. Check Point looks at the security threats that will stalk the market over the next year. Mario Garcia, general manager of Check Point in Spain, explained this during an event with the media in Madrid.

“IoT is going to become a factor of insecurity, because it is a market that is still immature,” he said. “There has not been all that we should learn from the past,” he said. According to Check Point, the security risks in the IoT will be of the trends that arise during the next year, along with security in the cloud.

“Being in the cloud does not necessarily mean that we are more secure, it all depends on the security measures taken. The cloud will continue to be a business factor for Check Point,” he added. In the context of industrial safety and SCADA systems, the company believes that much progress has been made in recent years. “In Spain we are late to the stage of industrial safety, but we are doing well.”

Other trends that mark the scenario of cybersecurity in the following year, the increase in the number of devices grow exponentially, the time users do not take precautions to protect; Phishing and threats that seek to engage connected users; Attacks on social networks and specific forms of attack that direct employees.

“Employees are the weakest step in security and they become the gates of access to cybercriminals,” said Garcia. To address these threats, the security market is growing, but according to the manager says, “Not all companies make money”.

“At Check Point we offer a cybersecurity platform on which to do things. We are able to adapt to what the customer wants, with very healthy results,” he said. In particular, the company carries a double-digit growth tray, and ensures that it will continue to create a similar pace over the next year.


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