NetApp has taken to Spain the Backup as a Service (BaaS) initiative, a program that certifies service providers with a national presence that offer backup and disaster recovery services in the cloud based on NetApp technology. The company has certified Mediacloud, Nexica and Uniway as service providers offering backup and disaster recovery in the cloud based on NetApp technology.

This European initiative began in 2014 in Germany and now comes to Spain with three partners authorized to provide online backup solutions: Mediacloud, Nexica and Uniway. NetApp intends to add new service providers to its program over the next year, although it will be a limited number.

“We do not plan to exceed the seven partners in total and we will value its capillarity throughout the Spanish geography,” says Carlos Ruiz, manager of business development for NetApp service providers. Thus, the company hopes to reach the different regions of Spain.

The NetApp certification program is based on 100 strict test criteria and “guarantees that the backup procedure is reliable,” said Francisco Torres-Brizuela, channel director, alliances and service providers of NetApp Iberia. “It is an initiative that supports 100% in data centres in Spain. In fact, one of the requirements is that national quality standards are met, “he adds.

Specifically, the Backup as a Service (BaaS) program in Spain is currently based – and until new partners are incorporated – in the data centre infrastructure of Mediacloud, Nexica and Uniway. Mediacloud has five points of presence in the country: two own data centres, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid, a point of presence in Interxion in Madrid and two points of presence in Barcelona.

Nexica, for its part, has a CPD in Madrid and another in Barcelona, ​​with high availability carriers. Finally, Uniway has a data centre in Madrid that started operating in 2002, also has infrastructure in Interxion and expects to have a third point of presence outside Spain for next year.

“Customers are asking for cloud backup solutions that are robust, reliable, and encrypted. The Backup as a Service initiative is the easy solution for corporations to move to the private cloud, “said Xavier Morrus, director of marketing and alliances at Mediacloud.

With the online backup program certified by NetApp, using the software, systems and services of the technology provider, partners ensure that backup data is always available. Regardless of the authorized service partner with whom you work; the same standards are always applied. “Backup is easy. The difficult thing is to restore it, “said Hassan Kalantari, CEO of Uniway Technologies.


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