OVH has announced new cross-service and cloud-data center connectivity offerings, at a time when Gartner says the hybrid cloud will be generalized by 2020. The company optimizes its hybrid cloud solutions, vRack and vRack Connect, so that Customers connect their infrastructures to those of OVH and third parties.

Companies will not only be able to combine technologies, but also connect their own infrastructure to those of OVH and other cloud providers.

First of all, the vRack solution now allows you to connect Public Cloud, Private Cloud and dedicated server product environments, regardless of their location in the world, within a single secure network.

The service is currently available in OVH’s European and Canadian data centers, but will soon be extended to all international cloud-data center hosting provider: the United States, Singapore and Australia.

Alternatively, the Dedicated Connect solution has been enriched with new features and has become vRack Connect. Thanks to it, OVH customers will be able to connect their internal infrastructures to OVH data centers through the presence of the French group (vRack Connect Dedicated) as well as its partners (vRack Connect Easy) Totally isolated and safe.

On the one hand, vRack Connect Easy allows to simplify the access of the professionals to the private cloud-data center network of OVH contracting the offer of interconnection of a partner, who will be in charge of connecting physically the infrastructures of the client to its nearest PoP.

The offer, already available in Montreal, will soon also reach Paris and Frankfurt. Then there will be several points of presence in the United States, then in Sydney and Singapore. VRack Connect Easy promises transfer rates of 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Equinix customers can now enjoy a connection and the deal will be extended to InterCloud customers in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, vRack Connect Dedicated is aimed at companies that already have presence or are located near an OVH PoP. The connection to OVH’s private network is made through an entirely dedicated and secure fibre, with a transfer rate of between 1 Gbps and 40 Gbps.


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