Since last September 7, Dell Technologies was born, the result of the merger of the two big companies Dell and EMC, both organizations have been working for a complete enterprise integration, which will definitely take place in February. Dell EMC, a company that encompasses the entire data center, will currently maintain one CEO for Enterprise and one for Commercial.

So far, this enterprise integration process is being “model”, explains Fernando de la Prida, CEO of Dell EMC Enterprise Business. Dell Technologies seeks to respond to Michael Dell’s vision of “creating a company where the entire range of the different divisions can fit in with the goal of encompassing all the solutions needed for digital transformation,” adds the manager.

Inside the new Dell Technologies are four major companies: Dell EMC, Pivotal, VMware and SecureWorks. Dell EMC encompasses different brands: the client side, the enterprise area (everything related to the data center) and the RSA and VirtuStream companies.

Now, Dell EMC will maintain a general manager for the part of Enterprise (Fernando de la Prida) and a general director for the Commercial area (Ricardo Labarga). For the enterprise integration within Dell EMC, “work teams of the two companies were created with a combination of both, more than 500 workers and two business units: Enterprise and Commercial“, says De la Prida.

“The idea of ​​the two companies is to add, maintain jobs. We are two complementary companies,” he adds. Looking ahead to next year’s expectations, the company is still wary. “Starting February 1st, there will be a single organizational structure and we have to see IDC’s predictions for the Spanish market,” explains Ricardo Labarga, CEO of Dell EMC Commercial Business.

“We want to be a trusted advisor, a credible consultant, and that makes us anticipate bigger growth than we had separately. It is certainly a company with great potential,” he adds.

The “deployment” of this enterprise integration will take place during the Dell EMC Forum of Spain (29 November in Madrid and 1 December in Barcelona). At the event, Dell EMC expects to bring together thousands of customers and partners around three tracks: data center transformation (legacy environments, servers, networking, etc.), job transformation and security transformation, one of the Main axes of the company.


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