Colt Technology Services has announced a major investment and major upgrade of its network, providing customers with access to broadband levels of up to 100 Gbps and enabling companies of any size to test the connectivity of the future. The company is driving a distributed network topology focused on CPDs, which provides direct connections to more than 200 key data centers.

The company has focused on enabling business connectivity solutions with the creation of a multi-terabyte optical backbone network and a near-generation packet network optimized for 100 Gbps connectivity. “We are living a key moment in the telecommunications market, very similar to the change that occurred when services appeared in the cloud,” said Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt.

“The old business models are decomposing, Technology is taking a big step forward (thanks to the advantages of the software defined and its virtualized models),” he adds. The most interesting applications and services for companies are moving into the cloud and data centers in a way that demands reliable, scalable and quality bandwidth.

“To enable this transition, Colt Technology Services is pushing for a data center-centric distributed network topology, which provides direct connections to more than 200 key data centers, carrier hotels and cloud aggregation points,” explains Jaime Llinás, director of Colt operations in Spain.

“This new investment in the network focuses on creating a scalable and flexible platform that provides customers with options that meet the different service requirements of their applications,” he adds. This platform includes Colt products, including SDN solutions and Ethernet services.

Colt’s real network infrastructure comprises connectivity to nearly 680 data centers around the world, with more than 24,000 buildings within the city center.


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