Fujitsu has launched the Surient Managed Rack solution to provide physical data center security. The company’s solution avoids unauthorized access to servers and storage by electromechanical sensors and locks.

Available in EMEIA, it is the first product in the Surient security series, offering a range of end-to-end solutions that enhance data center security, data transfer and user devices.

Its design has sought to prevent unauthorized physical access to servers, data, storage and red, thanks to the biometric authentication solution Fujitsu Palm Secure, which uses a system of reading the veins of the palm of the Hand, together With sensors and electromechanical locks.

The Fujitsu Surient rack solution enables organizations to implement granular, user-based access to data center hardware. In this way, companies have a solution for the management of access rights, monitor servers, storage and red and detect when doors are opened and closed, while recording all access.

The solution can be integrated into existing data center infrastructure as a key component to meeting strict physical security requirements, preparing for EU GDPR regulations. Surient Managed Rack is designed to protect 19-inch racks from unauthorized access by integrating electromechanical sensors and locks.

The frame door can only be opened once the lock has been opened externally. To open the door, an authorized employee must be authenticated through Palm Secure ID Match. The opening and closing of the shelf doors is monitored by the sensors. In addition, vibration sensors can recognize and warn of any attempt to intrude. All activities are logged in the system.


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