HP Helion OpenStack is a flexible, open, service-oriented (IaaS) infrastructure for enterprise workloads across multiple vertical industries and enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to deploy virtualization of their network functions (NFV). Improvements address organizations’ needs for multi-vendor interoperability, security, scalability, and application performance.

HP Helion OpenStack 4.0 is based on OpenStack Mitaka and builds on expanded 3.0 configurability and employment options, tighter administrative controls and improved scalability while remaining close to the OpenStack base code, the company said in a statement.

HP Helion OpenStack 4.0. Includes enhancements in the areas of ecosystem integration, operations, security, scalability, and application performance designed to help organizations employ and control new cloud technologies in their data center, maximizing the efficiency of their operations.

New features and functionalities include extensive ecosystem integration; Improved control of operations; Increased security, and increased scalability and application performance.

OpenStack has become popular, but it can still be complex for the uninitiated,” said Mark Interrante, senior vice president, HPE Cloud. “HP Helion OpenStack 4.0 gives organizations the tools and support they need to build new applications and upgrade existing ones, without the need for IT services to be directly involved. We call it ‘more dev, less ops’. “

HP Helion OpenStack: Open source platform prepared for Telecom cloud production

With customer expectations for high-performance availability, communications service providers (CSPs) require near-speed performance, low latency, fast error recovery and availability of five nines.

HP Helion OpenStack 4.0 is intended to help CSPs accelerate their network transformation built on monolithic proprietary appliances over NFV-enabled nimble cloud based networks.

The platform features a cloud-based virtual open source infrastructure manager and includes increased performance; Open source flexibility; A broad ecosystem of partners, and simplified implementation and administration.

“With HP Helion OpenStack 4.0 as a base, operators can always count on the availability, reliability and performance of their cloud-based networks, along with freedom of choice of open code, to help avoid reliance on a provider”, said Sarwar Raza, vice president, NFV, HPE.


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