Google is making changes to its cloud infrastructure, with the announcement of eight new regions of its cloud for 2017 – one of them São Paulo – and a new name for its cloud service: Google Cloud.

Already last March, the company announced that it would open new regions that would complete the four that it already has (Central and Eastern United States, Western Europe and Asia), but at that time only reported that it would add one more in the United States and one in Japan.

Now, Google has announced the name of eight other regions: the company’s data centers in São Paulo, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Finland and Northern Virginia will be optimized to become cloud regions.

On the other hand, the new Google Cloud Platform, Google Apps for Work and business versions of Android and Chrome OS will be part of the new Google Cloud division, along with Google containers, Kubernetes and artificial intelligence services.

Meanwhile, cloud services like Google Mail, Drive, Docs or Calendar will be renamed G Suite and will also be part of the Google Cloud division.

Google is working hard to reach rivals like Amazon and Microsoft. Last year, the company invested $9.9 billion in cloud infrastructure, as did its two rivals together, says Urs Hölzle, vice president of infrastructure at Google.


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