This integrated solution facilitates the cities, regardless of size, access to technological potential of the Internet of Things and the Industry 4.0. IBM announced at the event “The digital transformation of cities”, POEM technology platform (Platform of Engagement for Municipalities), which enables small, medium and large municipalities take advantage of the potential of the Internet of Things business and Industry 4.0.

POEM provides in a first phase solutions in the field of public attention and inspection of public space. IBM currently working on incorporating cognitive technology for the second phase of this platform, work that will result in the form of new services that will drive the digital transformation of cities, regardless of size.

In the words of Marta Martinez, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel: “In a short time, the concept of ‘intelligent city’ will no longer be an option to become a prerequisite for any urban environment that seeks to respond to its challenges. Today we have effective and affordable technology for local administrations undertake this transformation as valuable as necessary thanks to cognitive computer science”.

IBM’s new platform democratizes access to disruptive cognitive computer science offer technologies such as data security in cloud computing, big data analytics technology, mobile device management platform and small business internet security, all cities regardless of size. POEM facilitates interaction with citizens, making it an active part of the solutions to his city, and that only with have a smartphone, you can notify your local city any incident.

During the event on the digital transformation of cities, a panel of experts was in favor of a comprehensive and sustainable strategy for any urban environment. The director general of the Local Administration of the Government of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Fernandez, said: “It is creating a digital divide between municipalities in incorporating the model of smart cities. We now have the opportunity to improve the lives of people with technology and advance the efficiency with which the city provides services to citizens”.

IBM is also working on the development of new applications that will be available soon, as ‘sentiment analysis’, which show the opinions and expectations of current and future services; ‘Citizens Portal’, adapted to the capabilities of mobile devices; and ‘response to Citizen Vision 360’ with cognitive abilities that help increase user satisfaction.


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