They will work with businesses to accelerate the design of internet of things cloud solutions for small business. IBM and AT&T have announced that they will pool their capabilities in cognitive computing and global connectivity, in collaboration with IoT developers from different companies to give a boost to design internet of things applications, which will afford them a more precise knowledge of information connected with the use of new tools open standard devices. Thus, both companies will collaborate to create new tools in ibm cloud computing, based on open standards.

Given the increasing demand for new solutions and internet of things applications, it is increasingly requiring developers who have specialized experience in this area. According to a recent report from VisionMobile on trends, Internet of Things is expected to have about 10 million developers dedicated to IoT in 2020, a quantity that doubles the number of professionals in this field at present (about 5 million).

Developers can now use cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson, the IoT platforms AT&T, as Flow Designer and M2X, as well as access to its global network. This combination of technologies from IBM and AT&T will open new possibilities in the development of IoT solutions.

The ultimate goal is that customers can access the technologies of AT&T and IBM through a complete package of tools with which IoT start new developments. Developers can use APIs Watson and other IBM cloud services, such as visual recognition, personality study, mobile application analytics for decision-making and translation of spoken language.

For example, you can connect an application for locating assets with weather information from The Weather Company, thus allowing companies to predict possible delays in the internet of things supply chain or divert deliveries if bad weather is forecast.

The deployment of these applications can be done from the IBM Cloud. By AT&T, the functionalities of M2X and Flow Designer, as well as the control center for joint use with the IBM Watson IoT platform and Bluemix cloud service catalog available in IBM Cloud.

IBM Watson IoT platform provides users connect devices in a safe environment and take advantage of advanced services from cognitive computing and tools for big data analytics. To all of this its added a feature known as learn big data analytics to constantly optimize management.


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