The company has potential buyers, but says he will not leave the colocation market. After publicly discuss the idea of selling their data center business last year, the communications company CenturyLink said it expects to complete a sale in late third quarter or early fourth.

The company says it has reduced the pool of potential buyers and believes that successfully close a deal. In an earnings report, Glen Post, CEO of CenturyLink, said. “With regard to business data center, we expect to safely reach an agreement for sale; however, we are not limited only to that. IT colocation business will remain an important part of our future. “

“We’ll be in the business of managed services. We have capabilities of big data. We are in managed hosting, so all this allows capabilities data center capabilities colocation. So we will remain in this business.”

He added: “We believe there are opportunities to approach differently if we do not get a sale We believe there are opportunities for partnership that would reduce the burden in addition to the capital requirements of CenturyLink.”.

“And we can partner with other companies or find ways to share overhead costs with other companies. So we have a couple of opportunities for partnerships that we believe are legitimate, and beneficial to shareholders.”


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