More than 50 experts will work in advising business intelligence projects. The president of the Xunta, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, presided over the signing of an agreement for the launch of a Center of Excellence in Business Intelligence and real time big data by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Feijoo said during the presentation of the new Center of Excellence in Business Intelligence by Enterprise Hewlett Packard, that collaboration with the multinational “is an important development step in big data and business in Galicia”.

Under the agreement signed by the Regional Minister of Culture, Education and University, Roman Rodriguez, and the director of the AMTEGA, Mar Pereira, with HPE will transfer its activities to the Cidade da Cultura, where fifty experts work in advising on big data for enterprise and enterprise business intelligence.

Feijoo highlighted the consolidation of Gaiás as “the digital heart of Galicia”, in which 400 ICT professionals work among workers AMTEGA of technology companies collaborating with digital business transformation public projects and other initiatives such as Galicia Open Future Telefonica. He also announced the launch, in collaboration with Vodafone, a new center to boost Digital Social Innovation.

The owner of the Galician Government presented the agreement as one of the results of the Digital Compact Galicia, thanks to which 13 companies in the sector are collaborating with the Regional Administration to place the Community as a technological leader in attracting investment, developing tractor projects with potential and internationalization of SMEs. In that regard, he recalled that Galicia is the fifth autonomy in number of technology companies, with 2,200 companies and 14,400 workers.

During his speech, the president of the Xunta also defended the importance of training as an essential vehicle for consolidating the sector. For that, the agreement with HPE includes the development of a counseling program for university graduates, which will continue deepening collaboration between universities and business and train highly qualified professionals in ICT.

A data processing center in Gaiás

Recall that in Gaiás is one of the crown jewels of the regional government in technology. It is the data processing center which, since it came into operation in September 2012, has been receiving in the Cidade da Cultura features about 80 units establish the data centre infrastructure of the regional government.

90 percent of these facilities lacked capacity and growth were affected by cooling problems, availability and excessive consumption of electricity, which hindered efficient management.

Among the integrated services include those of the Ministry of Culture and University, as well as the Consellerías of Health; Industry and Economics and Labour and Welfare. The idea at the time of its opening was that the data management center will manage nearly 3,000 applications from its 2,000 computer servers.


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