With an investment of 2.5 million euros, the new facility in Costa Rica will process a trillion transactions in Latin America. According to the Government of Costa Rica, it begun a data center consolidation plan for the construction of a data center that will have place in Tilarán (in the province of Guanacaste) on the map of international financial services in Latin America, since it will be able to process up to one billion financial transactions and will generate over 300 jobs in the region. The data center consolidation plan was endowed with an investment of 2.5 million dollars.

Costa Rican authorities, represented by the President of the Republic, Guillermo Solis, and various positions in the public administration, attended the symbolic ceremony of laying the first stone of Continum Datacenter, a project born in the university area of the country, specifically the Invenio University.

The data center operations management will process operations anywhere in the world, working with renewable energy by harnessing wind power and solar energy to power the new facility.

Among the customers that will be served in this data center are firms in the category of Visa and Mastercard. “This is the first big step to complete the Invenio, where education with generating companies positively chained together to contribute to the development of the province of Guanacaste creating jobs, boosting the economy and establishing development in the territories ecosystem,” said President Solis Rivera.

Continum Center will be under the regime of free trade zone, which means that Guanacaste and the surrounding area will soon have a launching pad that will drive new technological developments and revitalize the local economy, since small and large businesses can also use this new facility.

“building a data center at Invenio University, such as the Continum data center, brings to life the first technological free zone growing inside a university campus in the history of Costa Rica; and Guanacaste and makes the country a center guard and a highway data transfer and high quality digital information worldwide”, said Adrian Lachner, President of the Board of Invenio.


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