The company will be based on data centers in Sydney and Singapore. Global Switch has announced that Subsea Cable Trident locate points of presence (PoP) in data centers Global Switch Sydney and Singapore when building its cable network in the Asian region. Trident is a project of international telecommunications infrastructure designed to provide high-speed connectivity and high capacity between Australia and Asia.

The Trident cable network, which is expected to be operational by mid-2018, will connect Singapore, Indonesia and Australia with fiber optic technology with high capacity. With four fiber pairs in total, each with multiple optical channels 100 Gbps and the ability to be upgraded in the future to 400 Gbps, the Trident system has been developed to provide greater bandwidth, increasingly required due to the growing demand for Internet services and content hosted in the Asian region.

Data centers Global Switch Sydney and Singapore are important axes of connectivity in the Asia Pacific region.

In Sydney, Global Switch has recently started the construction of the final phase of its data center Sydney East, after a purchased with a commitment cloud provider. The demand for new data center also comes from a large number of companies that require highly resistant and safe for housing critical IT equipment space.

Moreover, the data center Global Switch in Singapore hosts the network points of presence of major international telecommunications companies, plus a number of submarine cable systems connected directly to the installation. Virtually all Internet service companies have a presence, including ISPs, large content owners and distributors, Internet portals and online social media.

Commenting on the agreement, the CEO of Trident Subsea Cable, Alexis Pinto, said: “We are delighted to have decided to locate points of presence within data centers Global Switch as an important step towards building a cabling system Free access, maximizing the options for customers who are directly connected to the infrastructure. “

“We have seen a significant anticipated growth in online content and traffic in Asia, and our desire to locate servers near major content developers in the world in the region will help their development.” By extending the cable network Trident neutral data centers Global Switch in Singapore and Sydney, Trident will be well positioned to meet the growing demand from service providers to facilitate access to international high-capacity connectivity.”


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