In order to operate their complex systems of information technology with more security, availability, speed and sustainability, the three companies of Johnson & Johnson in Latin America (Consumer, Medical and Janssen) closed a contract with Aceco IT project company, implementation and maintenance of data centers and Integrated Command and Control Centers. As a result, within 2015, Aceco IT infrastructure delivered as outdoor modular data center in the region to support systems Johnson & Johnson throughout Latin America. The data center of Johnson & Johnson, in São José dos Campos, has 237 m2.

According to Lourenço Miranda, senior director of Infrastructure Latin America of Johnson & Johnson, the project objective was to increase security, provide a more agile and available access for users and prepare the ground for the growth of IT systems and manufacturing country. “For us, the data center represents how we prioritize the concept of innovation in our company not only in the IT area, but also with regard to sustainability, since this is a project with specifications of green computing.”

237 m2 of built area and already in operation, the new data center is the result of a great and complex project. Built according to the standards required by the segment, infrastructure provides the following differences:

  • Storage has the ability to store data from the three companies of Johnson & Johnson in Latin America – Consumer, Medical and Janssen and has 130 terabytes for storing applications and 170 terabytes for storage of user data. The current capacity is 200 servers and will be quintuple that capacity.
  • Security: monitoring 24 hours/day, backup systems, strict access control, anti-fire and smoke protection, water, corrosive gas walls, etc. Forming a shielded solution that ensures the integrity and data confidentiality.
  • High Availability: represents all redundant infrastructure. That being so, even if there is a fault in the power grid, a generator of electricity or served, systems continue to operate.
  • Sustainability: the redundant power electric system is represented by the equipment receiving power from two different sources simultaneously, thus preventing service interruption in case of failures and maintenance. Besides this, meets the specifications of green IT, ensuring the lowest power consumption: LED lamps, precision air insulation in the walls, insulation of hot air equipment, diesel generators with reduced pollution and nobreaks/UPS high efficiency.

The contract planning, design and construction of the data center is the first signed between the companies.


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