IT outsourcing adoption among businesses is accelerating at a pace that almost no one had predicted, according to the latest report Uptime Institute.ย Uptime Institute survey shows that half of executives expected move their loads off-site IT.

The organization has identified that half of senior IT executives expect to move most of their IT burdens outside their facilities, whether public or hosted in cloud colocation providers. 23% of these executives expect the change to take place next year.

“This change is taking place and our findings show a constantly evolving industry,” said Matt Stansberry, director of content and publications of Uptime Institute.

“The demand for business agility and cost transparency has led workloads to the public cloud. Our advice to IT professionals and data center is to be more effective in showing their value to the business”, he added.

Uptime Institute works with organizations across the industry: both those that have their own corporate data centers as selling data center space to third parties. Now the organization has warned that IT departments could suffer an accelerated off-site movement.

For the sixth edition of its survey on industry data center, the institute spoke to more than 1,000 data center operators and IT managers worldwide and found that IT departments legacy companies were shrinking due to budget pressures, advances in hardware and outsourcing workloads.

About half of IT departments reported flat or reduced overall budgets, and 55% said their server footprint in the company had also been lurch or was shrinking.

At the same time, 50% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their main colocation provider, despite the fact that 40% had to pay more than initially expected. Only 7% said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the service.

The institute admitted that the results of previous surveys underestimated the willingness of businesses to outsource their IT, probably due to the omission of resource managers without the knowledge or involvement of IT staff or data center, which is known as “shadow ITโ€.

Uptime Institute has advised the departments of internal IT imitators service providers build services that are easy to use and to take a greater role in directing corporate governance and assess the safety, cost and performance of their IT for business, wherever they reside.


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