Fujitsu has unveiled its new x86 servers PrimeQuest mission critical, which provide high levels of performance and scalability. The new PrimeQuest range incorporates the latest Intel Xeon processor E7 family to provide more performance.

The new generation Fujitsu Server PrimeQuest line-up has been updated with the latest Intel Xeon processor E7-8800 / 4800 v4 family, which increases performance.

As they indicated from Fujitsu, thanks to the latest improvements customers can now have more confidence in your choice of mission-critical technology based on open standards, as a viable alternative to UNIX-based, both in terms of system performance and reliability systems, and safety.

X86-based servers Fujitsu high range are designed to provide a new path for customers currently running highly demanding environments on UNIX-based, such as SAP ERP and Oracle database systems. Likewise, also the PrimeQuest are certified for databases in memory of SAP and SAP HANA.

The PrimeQuest range offers mission critical capabilities such as hot pluggable I/O units, and Dynamic Reconfiguration Physical Partitioning.

The new models PrimeQuest already available have more processor cores and cache last level than their predecessors, making them optimal for mission-critical applications, such as applications in memory, where the results can be processed faster, as well as the calculations in real time.


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